Consignment Boutique of Vienna

Consignment Process:

* $5 charge ​for each consignment appointment
*Please book appointments 2 months in advance 

*Maximum of 3 consignment appointments per year
*We will accept up to 20 items per consignment (maximum 5 items of clothing)
*Clothes must be CLEAN, WRINKLE FREE, ODOR FREE and on hangers ( which will be returned)

I repeat  -- any clothes that have pet hair, spots, something that can be 'scratched off', etc will be rejected.  Those are all indications that the item was not washed prior to consignment.

*Damaged household items and accessories will not be accepted.
*Current or vintage styles are accepted.  No 80's or 90's styles
*Consignment period is 2 months.  After 1 month, price is reduced 25%

*Checks are 50% of consigners sales
*Checks will be given to consignors when unsold items are reclaimed

*Checks will be mailed only if: 1) all items have sold,  or 2) we have been instructed to donate remaining items, or 3) items are reclaimed before completion of consignment.

*Items must be reclaimed within 2 weeks after final consignment date

*All items not reclaimed become property of shop.

Courtesy Walk-ins:

Maximum of 5 items (only 1 item of clothing)

Monday - Saturday 10-10:45

Consigning Schedule for Seasonal Clothing:

Spring - February through April
Summer - April through June
Fall - August through September
Winter - September through December

Home décor accessories and jewelry are consigned year round.

We DO NOT accept electric appliances, childrens clothes or anything broken or dirty.

We also do not accept clothing from the 80's and 90's.  It is not yet vintage and is very difficult to sell.